Strongman Training and 5/3/1 –

Strongman Training and 5/3/1

Provided that you're not a strongman in training (i.e.  you aren't training for a contest), this is easy to do. For log pressing, do this as a second exercise on either of your    bench or press days. I love the rackable log that EFS sells;    it's so much easier to do presses and bench pressing with that  thing. For log cleans, I've done these for the past couple of    years and used them as a main exercise. I'd do them with the    same set/rep scheme as the squat, deadlift, or power clean. Do    these before you squat or deadlift. Admittedly, I never really    learned the proper form on these, I just picked it up and performed  a Neanderthal man clean. With pulling a weighted sled hand-over-hand, farmer's    walks, sled drags, tire flips, Yoke walks, or even Prowler pushes    (I know, not a strongman move but it's awesome), I'd do    these at the end of the training day. Now please remember that    these things are weighted and do tax the hell out of you, so if    you're going to add these in you may want to limit the  assistance work on those days. For example:
  • Power Clean – 5/3/1
  • Squat – 5/3/1
  • Hanging leg raises – 3 sets
  • Farmer's walk
I don't pretend to know exactly how to do all of these    things well. When we did farmer's walks, we'd just go for    40 yards, rest, add weight, and then go 40 more. This went on until    we couldn't do it. We always started fairly light and worked  up slowly (sound familiar)? Whatever you plan on doing or have access to, all of these    exercises offer variety to the staleness a weight room may have.    Get the big movements in, then push, drag, or carry some heavy  shit. Can't get more awesome than that. From Blood And Chalk - TNation