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Training Log and Training Maxim

Training Log Update Training has been pretty consistant despite having a newborn in the house. He's sleeping well and is getting more nipple than Pegg has gotten in 30 years of trolling hookers.I have been following the very easy Full Body 5/3/1 training that I outlined on TNation LiveSpill. * My "easy" squat days are as follows: 135, 225, 315 and 405. All sets are done for 5-10 reps. * My pressing consists of bench press (for higher reps) and dumbbell pressing. * My pulling consists of Kroc Rows, chins, TBar Rows and SLDL. * The main sets of the squat, dead and bench are still the normal 5/3/1. * My bodyweight is very light (for me); always sitting at 230 or so. I chalk this up to eating better and getting my thyroid mediciation (I don't have a thyroid) readjusted to a normal reading again. * I got in a ridiculous altercation that somewhat f*cked up my hand. DO NOT attempt to approach my newborn and girlfriend in a car and bang on their windows. Because of this, I can't grip very well so I have to use some straps while my hand heals. Training Lesson: I was reading some of Dan John's stuff and came across a lesson I learned my freshman year in high school. I don't know if I completely forgot it but it is great to be grounded again. From Swedish thrower Stefan Fernholm, "Squat to get strong, jump to get fast." Jim Wendler's Training Log at EFS