Using the Rower for Conditioning? – Jim Wendler

Using the Rower for Conditioning?

Using the Rower for Conditioning? This story was told to me this weekend by my good friend and former training partner, Kevin Deweese.  A young man told Kevin that he'd like to train, look and be strong like Bill Kazmaier (Kaz).  For those that don't know, Kaz was a world-class powerlifter and strongman.  He was (and still is) inhumanly big and strong.  The guy is massive. Kevin asked the young man if he did any conditioning over the weekend.  Kevin has been having him do heavy Prowler walks/runs, etc. with him. The kid responded, "Yeah, I did some conditioning.  I did the Rower for about 30 minutes. lt was a great workout."  Kevin stared at him for a long time.  After a 10 minutes of slience, Kevin asked, "Hey, have you seen those old videos of Kaz using the rower?  They are on YouTube." "Really?  He used the Rower?" "Nope." 5/3/1 Ebook 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon TNation Blood and Chalk