Training Update –

Training Update

Monday Squat - 500 training max (back off during the holidays and coast).  I have found that I can maintain this level of squat/deadlift without any effort and still be able to push hard for a few months and get my strength to a new level.  As I've gotten older I know I don't have to kill myself in the weight room every week and every month. Bench - All rehab exercises for shoulder, these include front raises with Swiss bar, rear laterals, hammer curls, external rotations, face pulls. Assistance work - did about 10 different exercises, just got an outrageous pump without too much mental/physical stress Thursday Deadlift - 500 training max (back off during the holidays and coast, see above for explanation) Press - All rehab and light movements for shoulders (see above) Assitance work - 8 different exercises, just got stupid and pumped. It has been awhile but here goes - I took a few weeks off of lifting and just did the basic stuff: ran hills everyday (this is normal, so I didn't take this out) and a spent 3-4 days/week "specializing" in stretching, mobility and soft tissue work. That's the fancy way of saying I spent a lot of time in front of the TV PVC rolling, lacrosse ball sitting, band stretching, partner stretching and dynamic movements. Finally getting my thyroid under control (it was 20 times lower than what it should be) has made a difference but...still I wasn't that fat without a functioning thryoid. So that makes me wonder the validity of all the excuses... * I also did a seminar with EFS a couple weeks ago and had a great time. So thank you for everyone that came out and I got to talk to. * My new kid is doing great - sleeping, crapping, eating...nothing spectacular. * The Five Points Attitude Adjustment Academy (Where the Dark Arts Still Hold Sway) is opening soon! We are insulating and drywalling this weekend. Hanging drywall sucks. * Some sick new shirt designs are coming - everything will be available for the holiday season (with a variety of shirt sizes this time (L-2XL)). We have 5 designs printed and have 5 more that we are already done (but not printed). We are also looking at getting hoodies, hats and beanies. 5/3/1 Ebook 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon