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What's New in the 5/3/1 2nd Edition Ebook

 What's New in the 5/3/1 2nd Edition * Programming for "big" assistance work - I lay out the sets and reps for the important assitance lifts and when to do them.  Now there will be no more questions on what to do with assistance work. * Diet -tips on losing weight, gaining weight and eating for size. Like the 5/3/1 program, this is not some complex food lesson, just eating principles that work. * 5/3/1 and Crossfit - programming how to add in circuit-style conditioning into your program without sacrificing your programming and your strength. * 5/3/1 Full Body Training - 4 different full body training templates.  This has been a huge hit among lifters and shows you how to squat every training day. * Rest/Pause training and 5/3/1 - Using rest/pause style training for assistance lifts and how to properly program them into your 5/3/1 program.  Rest/pause training has been a huge hit since DC Training took off.  Great for size and strength.  NOT FOR THE MEEK. Pick up the 5/3/1 2nd Edition Here