Metal of the Week - Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales – Jim Wendler

Metal of the Week - Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales I don't know if any album has really influenced me more than Morbid Tales.  Given to me in junior high by my first real metal friend, Chris Siebel,  Morbid Tales destroyed me when I first put it into my boom box.  It has one of the heaviest songs/riffs ever recorded (Procreation of the Wicked) and still stands up today as one of the heaviest albums ever recorded.  I am lucky to have had bands like Celtic Frost, Venom and Slayer at a young age - I didn't grow up with Straight Billed Hat Wearing Tough Guy Stomp that passes itself off as metal today. This was released in 1984 and has one of the best covers ever.  Look at that thing! (the re-issue is pictured but both have the infamous Frost Heptagram on the cover).  All you want to do is throw horns and play air guitar.  Guitarist/singer/mainman Tom G. Warrior has a distincitive playing style and litters songs with his trademark grunts.  Intro song "Into Crypts of Rays" has one of the best breakdown riffs known to man. Songs like "Procreation (of the Wicked)" and "Dethroned Emperor" were exactly what I wanted to hear at that age - slow, mean and heavy.  And not until I heard Eyehategod in 1993 could I find anything that embraced the Low and Slow like these two songs (remember that this was pre-internet - you really had to search hard to find music in the old days).  Frost was and still is a huge influence on death, black and really, all metal bands.  The only song that is filler on this album is the very odd "Danse Macabre" - the re-issue also has the 3 song "Emperor's Return EP" on it featuring the awesome song, "Circle of the Tyrants".  Frost released the "To Mega Therion" LP next and the experimental "Into the Pandemonium".  Later they jumped the shark with the AWFUL "Cold Lake" (Warrior laughs at this album, too) and never could regain their footing until an amazing return in 2005 with "Monothesit".  This album simply crushed (although I still think "Morbid Tales" is their "Reign in Blood").  Celtic Frost disbanded after Monotheist and Warrior continues his quest with Triptykon. Simply put, Morbid Tales kicks ass.