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Mike Webster - Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Webster - Pittsburgh Steelers I came across this article (I think someone sent me a link) and I was blown away.  I have always had a fascination with the old Pittsburgh Steelers and their strength training since I was in high school.  I remember reading how strong the offensive and defensive lines were - how they didn't screw around with what passes off as "functional sports training" that seems to be the buzzword in athletics.  They lifted hard and heavy.  They ran.  And they dominated. I had the oppoturnity to speak with Tom Myslinski about some of the legends and he told some great stories of these giants.  Also, a good friend of mine, Tanner Kolb, is the son of the legendary Jon Kolb.  He also relents to my constant questions about his father and the men he played with.  Want to see something amazing?  Check out this video on Tanner's dad, Jon, doing windshield wipers. Read this article on Mike Webster (written by his son, I believe). It is an amazing story.