Matt Vincent - Pushpress 345x7 – Jim Wendler

Matt Vincent - Pushpress 345x7

Matt Vincent - Pushpress 345x7 Here is a great video of my friend, Matt Vincent, pushpressing a new PR, 345x7.  Matt is a good friend of mine but he is a huge fruitcake.  He wears awful hats, wears spandex pants (not short...pants) when he trains and drinks the gayest of beers.  If it is a fruit, it's in his beer.  And possibly in his Little Black Book.  Matt is a an accomplished football player, thrower and now competes in Highland Games. Congrats to Matt and his wife on celebrating their anniversary last weekend - hope you two are happy and grow old together. Visit Matt's website here. You know what's fucking awesome?  The 5/3/1 2nd Edition Ebook - pick it up here if you want to know more about getting better and stronger.