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Blood Pressure Remedy - Apple Cider Vinegar

How I Got My Blood Pressure Down I started taking Bragg's Organic ACV and I can say, without a doubt, that is has helped bring my blood pressure down more than anything I've tried/done (other than steady state cardio every day).  I am VERY skeptical of claims  - so I think this says a lot that I am talking about something like this.  I am also not sponsored or affiliated with Bragg's in any way.  But coming from a family with a history of high BP, I wanted to share this. I need to point out that this worked very well for me but I make no guarantees it will work the same for you.  Here's what  I did. 1.  ACV tastes and smells awful.  If you can take it, my hat is off to you.  I have a sensitive nose/tongue so this stuff was a struggle to get down.  Because of this we watered (at the beginning) 1 teaspoon of Bragg's in a glass of orange juice. We have also used cranberry juice and now use a low-sugar Fruit Punch (juice is amazingly sweet once you grow up). 2.  I started off with 1 teaspoon/day and worked myself up to 3 tablespoons/day.  I don't think you really need to do this but this fits into my general life and training philosophy.  I had such a hard time with the smell/taste of this stuff. 3.  My BP dropped 20-30 points (top/bottom number respectively) - this happened over a course of about 3 months. 4.  We are now using other supplements (we do NOT know the results yet so I will not be sharing them just yet) that may help bring it down even lower. If you are suffering from high BP and have exhausted the normal routes, give Bragg's Organic ACV a try.  Also, check out the new 5/3/1 book - makes you strong like bull, built like stud and actually makes sense in a fitness world exhausted by blowhards!