Metal of the Week - Coffinworm – Jim Wendler

Metal of the Week - Coffinworm

Coffinworm – When All Became None

This is probably my favorite release of 2010 and one of my favorite albums ever.  Coffinworm have been able to combine sludge, doom, black metal and death metal into a fat, thick stew of awesome.  Sludge has long been my favorite genre of metal but some bands, though slow and low, just don’t write memorable songs.  Really, this is a symptom of all musical styles; you can wank all you want with your masturbatory solos, syrupy pop vocals or technical riffing – but if you can’t write a good, memorable song, you do more than miss the boat.  You sink the boat. Anyway, while not a perfect album Coffinworm really are the best at mixing the elements of sludge and black metal better than any band out there.  Clinging to the Tress of a Forest Fire are similar in vein but are more of a hate-grind/sludge mix (still a wonderful gumbo to digest).  When All Became None is simply dirty filth – rusty needles, underpasses, sores and despair.  The riffing is memorable, going from the familiar tremolo picking to lurching sludge movements.   The vocals are sick without being overwhelming – more hardcore than death, but too death to be hardcore. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Coffinworm twice live (they are from Indy).  The always give 100% and even non-fans such as Juliet thought they were absolutely amazing live.  The CD version is out on Profound Lore records (they are deserving of an entire blog post due to Chris’ amazing, no compromise/high integrity label) and the vinyl version is on Seventh Rule (don’t know if they are still available).  Sanford Parker engineered and mixed the album; Parker seems to have his hands into everything good these days.  And since he is one of the architects of the heaviest long player ever put to CD or vinyl, I trust his judgment. In conclusion – get his now.  There are bands that rule, bands that are ok and bands that suck. This band rules. Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here5/3/1 Hard Copy on AmazonTNation Blood and Chalk