Interview - Stroking My Big, Veiny Ego – Jim Wendler

Interview - Stroking My Big, Veiny Ego

Interview with Jim Wendler

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What is your top tip for general fitness?

“When in doubt, squat and run hills.” This statement is obviously not just about squatting and running hills. Rather it means that when you feel saturated with information overload in the fitness world, the basics always work the best. There is a ton of information and misinformation out there and it is being spread at an enormous rate. It is impossible for a young lifter to separate the wheat from the chaff. When this happens, it is best to take a step back and look at the things/exercises/principles that have stood the test of time and have been used by the people that have gone before (and succeeded).

Why did you decide to begin training and exercising?

I started training in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I had been begging my father for a long time to let me lift weights and he finally gave me the green light. My father is a very quiet man (unlike me) and looked me straight in the eyes and told me, “If you start this, you will not quit.” Suffice it to say that I haven’t quit. My father and my track coach, Darren Llewellyn are the two people that influenced me the most in training. Not so much in the X’s and O’s of training, rather the attitude. And that is everything. Read more here at Muscle Shred, which I have none of. Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon