How do I Train? – Jim Wendler

How do I Train?

I've been asked numerous times via email and Facebook (gross) what I've been doing lately, in regards to training. As many people know, I recently had shoulder surgery and the various injuries from the motorcycle crash have forced me to alter my training a little.  However, I feel more focused and driven than ever.  Here is the breakdown of the training:
  • Lifting: 2 days/week
  • Hard conditioning (this includes Prowler push, Prowler/sled pulling, rope work): 2 days/week
  • Intensive stretching/mobility sessions: 2 days/week
These three things are the "goals" of each week; I don't have set days for any of these things, rather I just get the work done.  I have found that this training allows me to recover and get stronger.  It also reminds me to keep things in perspective and keeps the priorities in focus.  I should mention that I do stretch/mobility work each day but two days are devoted to an intensive program.   • Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon