Year of 5/3/1 Challenges - Done – Jim Wendler

Year of 5/3/1 Challenges - Done

A Year of 5/3/1 Challenges - Done

                Early this morning, at about 5:45, I finished writing the "Year of 5/3/1 Challenges".  This has 4, 3 month challenges including:
  • Boring But Big (hypertrophy)
  • Strength
  • Power Clean
  • Prowler (conditioning)
All of these challenges have performance goals and all are without compromise.  These challenges are tentatively being added to the book "Beyond 5/3/1".  In the book, there are chapters on the Advanced 5/3/1, Training for Older Lifters and Kids, Training and Beginner 5/3/1.  The Older Lifter section is going to be very thorough with everything I am doing now in regards to mobility and stretching and the different challenges and programming that I have set up for myself.  The Kids, Training and Beginner 5/3/1 is the plan that I am currently doing with my own 8 year old and the tentative plan that I have mapped out for him regarding training.  We want this to be set and printed before the Thanksgiving holiday; hopefully much earlier.  Just re-reading the challenges today and I think it will make quite an impact. -Jim Wendler     • Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon