Summer Testing - Results and Thoughts –

Summer Testing - Results and Thoughts

Summer Testing

Last weekend I finished my summer testing and I am very pleased with the results - I met or exceeded every goal that I wanted to achieve prior to my vacation.  I was lucky enough to have Paul Carter and Alva "At My" Leisure train with me.  Paul and I have exchanged hundreds (thousands?) of emails but we have never met face to face.  For you in the Participation Generation, chatting, emailing or texting a person does not qualify as "knowing" a person.  For example, just because you had phone sex with a girl doesn't mean you fucked her and you are in a serious relationship. This training cycle has been a great learning experience for me - my patience has been tested and it has been humbling.  I have learned the difference between doing a repetition with purpose rather than just to get a number.  Because my body weight is lighter, I had to adjust my technique slightly.  Also, many things have been re-affirmed. Here are the numbers for this testing cycle:

Bench - started in a sling, ended with 365 for 1 rep

Press - started in a sling, ended with 225 for 1 rep

Squat - 600 for 1 rep

My deadlift has been in the shitter lately and I didn't really focus on that; my main concerns for this training cycle were my bench press and my press. After coming off surgery, I knew that these were the things I had to bring up methodically.  The lower body lifts weren't a huge concern for me during this time. Yes, I trained them hard but you can't expect, nor should you expect EVERY single lift to raise. That is something of an anomaly and really, a sign that one's goals are not realistic.  If they all do peak, that is great.  But you can't expect greatness on all 4 lifts. It is no different than the person that is trying to "get cut, but get stronger but not eat but also condition but trying to gain 45 pounds but trying to be a strongman but probably going to do a powerlifting meet but only after I hit that Tough Mudder contest in March." Note:  This is something I've been thinking about and wanted to share with others.  It was inspired while reading some articles on musics. "Knowledge is power.  Knowledge shared is power lost. Thus, teaching people principles and letting them grow and achieve knowledge allows them to think and gives them power."  THAT is what I'm trying to do.  People need to take the principles of what I'm trying to teach, both in life and in the weight room, and derive their own knowledge. Then they have power.  Then they own their lives.

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