The Bane Workout - A Letter to a Beat Up Reader –

The Bane Workout - A Letter to a Beat Up Reader

The Bane Workout - A Letter to a Beat Up Reader

Question: i have been around alot of really good lifters,,,but i cant train myself  i have allways done better by someone telling me what to do if that makes since,,,,i guess my question is  i have alot of injuries,,,i no what i should probably do but i am sure how to actually structure them into my workout...i dont want to actually compete right now, i just would kike to maintain, get in better shape and heal my injuries...i have read all your books , no them inside out,,no westside inside out  just dont no  where to put everything could you possibly help, or maybe(for old times sake do a consult, im at my witts end with my l-4,l-5,,  sciatic nerve problem  it has caused me to tear right ham 3 times in 2 years 


I think you need to lay off squatting and pulling and rethink your approach to training.  Take 6 months off of doing traditional stuff and attack training at a new angle.  Do the Bane Workout, as I call it.  It has nothing to do with Bane but I figure, "What the F#ck? Might as well use the name."  Plus, it was thought while watching "Batman Rises".  This is what I do with people who are all fucked up and know they need a different approach (this is the Hurt Lower Body Crue Bane Workout, umlauts pending).
  • Workout - as many days as you want, up to you.  Don't ever ask this question.
  • Exercises - whatever you want, you choose from the template. Don't ever ask this question.

Part One:

Hurdles, Kicking Heavy Bag, PVC Work, Jump Rope, Parisi Warm-up, Defranco Agile 8, etc.  Move in a variety of ways and do this for 30 minutes.  NO less.

Part Two:

Single Leg Exercise (You choose) - 5 sets of 6 reps.  Bodyweight, barbell, dumbbell - load how you want but never cut short the ROM for weight.  That means your wife didn't take your last name. And not because of anything but embarrassment.

Part Three:

Upper body Press (You choose) - either volume work, 5/3/1 sets/reps or whatever.  Don't ask as this is up to you.

Part Four:

Some type of Swing/KB-DB Snatch or some kind of pulling movement (not deadlifting).  Variety.  Volume work.

Part Five:

Bodyweight "core training" - because a strong man needs to take a punch.  Do enough to make you strong


Now that I've given you everything to do, and how to do it, are you ready to take the challenge? (Note: Part One must be done 1-2 times/day)

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