Bastard 5/3/1 –

Bastard 5/3/1

Bastard 5/3/1

(Note: This is taken from an email sent to me from Mike Rhodes.) I shifted some things around and its worked great.  Basically instead of doing the 531 sets progressing the way you have them arranged, I've been doing it backwards.  I warmup/work-up as I feel appropriate to the weight of the top set (set 3) of that day and hit it for max reps when I am "fresh" so to speak.  After that, I simply do sets 2 and 1 as my back off sets and call it a day.  Like this...


  • 135x10
  • 225x3
  • 315x1
  • 405x1
  • set 3-475x3+ (3's week)
  • set 2-420x3
  • set 1-370x3
The reason I find this awesome for myself at least is because the single factor that makes my lifts go up in the 531 program is hitting rep records with that top set-therefore I have prioritized this area.  This has worked awesome over the course of the past 6 months (yes I gave this at least a 6 month shelf life to see if it actually works) ESPECIALLY for my squat and pull.  I shared this idea with two friends of mine and they had good results. - Mike

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