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Charlotte Brown - Texas Sized Balls

Charlotte Brown

[caption id="attachment_3310" align="alignnone" width="300"] Charlotte Brown - She does more than you.[/caption]   Every so often you hear about someone who makes you feel like a giant pussy. Charlotte Brown is one of those people.  About a year ago, my wife and I heard a report on ESPN radio about Charlotte Brown and just started laughing. Not because we thought it was funny but because it was so outrageously awesome.  Since then, Charlotte has become the barometer on which we base our expectations. Not just for others we work with but for ourselves.  So Charlotte, we salute you, she of large Lady Balls.  Not just because you have shattered every expectation that others have put on you but because you showed how the rest of us need to sack the fuck up. Charlotte Brown is blind. Charlotte Brown is a pole vaulter.  She jumped 11'6" this year and runs anchor on her 4x400 team.  She finished third at the Texas state meet this year in the vault and plans to attend/compete at Purdue University.  It's a shame that Charlotte wasn't nominated for the Biggest Balls in Sports Award - at least she didn't have to chop her's off to be a "hero".  The only award she needs is a chance to prove herself. Watch this video of Charlotte. Another video.