Rippetoe Gem - Finger Banging the Squat –

Rippetoe Gem - Finger Banging the Squat

I've been asked some great questions such as "How do you push a Prowler?" or the ever popular "Can you sign my ebook?"  It doesn't surprise me anymore but that doesn't mean I can't laugh.  Most of you are familiar with Mark Rippetoe, he being the author of Starting Strength.  Every so often I go to Mark's forum and read his answers, and only his answers.  He is a salty bastard sometimes and I mean that in a good way.  He is also the receiver of some great questions and every time I see something like the following, I cannot wait to read his responses. The question is about where to put your fingers during the squat. Not your hands, your fingers.  You can read the entire pound of diarrhea here. The title of the thread is worth a read: "Low bar squat : finger position. How has nobody ever asked about this? I'm puzzled."    

Highlight One

"I tried a grip in which four fingers except thumb touching the bar and I couldn't help my farthest finger joints (distal interphalangeal joint) from getting bent on a bar and hurt."  

Highlight Two (Perhaps a finger wrap?)

  "so, fingers are in fact, in contact with the barbell right? but, since the hands and forearms are not perpendicular to the barbell (more like diagonal), how should fingers contact with the barbell? my pinkies may be able to wrap around the bar, but index fingers are way above the barbell to fully wrap around. how should one put his fingers on the barbell in squat? should my fingers have no force applied on them at all? but, gripping is inherently cause some force being applied on them, correct? could very heavy weight be lifted without bending one's distal interphalangeal joints?"  

Highlight Three (after being asked to simply watch a video)

  "well, It kind of accumulate. my distal interphalangeal joint hurts by getting bent by my own gripping force applied to it and I don't think It's what It's supposed to be. also, I've watched the video and, although I wish for the higher resolution video, what I have noticed is 1. he tend to put his thumbs on his index fingers. 2. since Its quite a heavy weight, his hands seem to grip on the barbell tightly with the force of his hands. 3. his finger grips somewhat changes during the rep, but the distal interphalangeal joints don't seem to get bent that much (or not, I can't see) 4. In set 3, the rep starts with his fingers properly wrapped around the barbell and during the reps, his fingers go upward and It looks only his fingertips are in the contact with the barbell at the end. after watching it, I'm more confused than ever. Is finger position in squat are just highly individual preference issues rather than technical anthropometrical issues?"  Note: He wishes the fingers were filmed in HD.  Maybe 3D.  

Highlight Four

On page three of the tread, he then posts pictures of all the possibilities of fingering a squat.  With a green broomstick, no less.  Enjoy.  

Highlight Five (Concern for injuring fingers on the squat)

"I'm really glad to hear that. but, I wonder how the fingers of those who are way more stronger than me (thus more stronger grip force on each fingers)could survive many heavyweight squats without causing any distal interphalangeal joint pain. so you said you prefer #3 In which index finger get bent(and middle finger touching with Its fingerprint not fingertip). after heavy squating, do you have no distal interphalangeal joint pain at all?"     That's as far as I could get.  Enjoy the laughs and be thankful your fingers are healthy.