One More Seminar Story - Dave and Me – Jim Wendler

One More Seminar Story - Dave and Me

I recently wrote an article for EliteFTS detailing some of the amusing times that Dave Tate and I experienced doing seminars.  I'm still humbled by all the people that came out, although it was noting like the amount EliteFTS get today. Still, it was great to have an audience willing to trust us and learn.  I totally forgot to add this story which was extremely personal and was one of the best "Dave Tate reactions" in the world.   Dave and I were at the University of North Carolina for a seminar that was being hosted by Jeff Connors. Connors is unique - as a strength coach and as a man. He is tough as hell - one of the throwbacks, and I don't mean a generation ago. I'm talking about 3 to 4 generations.  He is a true throwback and I always love talking with him - he is cut from the same cloth as Ethan Reeves.  Anyway, we are doing the seminar and everything goes great. Dave and I go back to the hotel room and I have a half dozen messages from my girlfriend, all pretty frantic.  She was staying at my apartment for the weekend when I was gone and I immediately thought that something had happen to my dog; perhaps she was hit my a car or had died in some odd way.  So I go outside, call her and prepare for the worst.  After settling her down, I ask her if Betty (my dog, named after a Helmet album) is alive. She says yes.  There is a brief pause as I start thinking and then I ask her if she is pregnant. She says yes.  I assure her things will be ok and we will talk when I get home.  I come back inside the hotel room and flop onto the bed trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do.  Dave is lying on his bed and there is a moment of silence. Dave asks, "Is everything ok?" "She's pregnant." Dave ponders this for 10 seconds or so and says, "Jesus.  Do you know how strong you are? Everything you've been taking is obviously fake."   One of the funniest moments in my life and one of the truly great reactions to what was, at the time, an incredibly stressful situation. Here's some Witch Cult - not to be confused with Witchcult from Electric Wizard. This is some great music.