The Blowhard Test - Are you a Blowhard? – Jim Wendler

The Blowhard Test - Are you a Blowhard?

  After seeing this latest tabloid piece in Men's Health, I thought it would be wise to help people identify a blowhard.  These are some of the worst kind of people as they are know-it-all's, queens and have rarely done anything of use.  Are you a blowhard or not?  Take this test and see where you rank:
  1. Are you full of shit?
  2. Butt into the private lives of others?
  3. Comment on stuff you have no experience on?
  4. Give opinion even when not asked?
  5. Make yourself to be much more important than you seem?
  6. Do you brag about your (non) achievements?
  7. Do you identify with Dr. Phil, Oprah, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell, Rush Limbaugh, Tim Ferris, everyone involved at 24 hour new stations and sports talk radio hosts.
  8. Do you post on the internet under a different name for fear of being held to your word?
  9. Did any of the above make you upset and want to lash out on social media?