Larry Thorne - Finnish Badass –

Larry Thorne - Finnish Badass

[caption id="attachment_3428" align="alignnone" width="300"] This dude has titanium knick knacks.[/caption] Larry Thorne spent his life killing commies - for three different countries.  One of the original Green Berets, Thorne had won just about medal/honor for fighting.  I have rediscovered Badass of The Week and whenever I need a quick kick in the ass AND a good laugh (I find the story telling very amusing) I visit the site. When you have some time, check out the story of Larry Thorne; I mean the guy led a ski-team into battle.  While wearing gas masks.  I'd be interested to see if they wore helmets as it seems you can't do any activity these days without a helmet. Check out Larry Thorne and see where you rank in terms of being a truly brave/fearless and overall ass kicker.