Buried at Sea – Jim Wendler

Buried at Sea

[caption id="attachment_3464" align="alignnone" width="300"] If music had a BMI, Buried at Sea would be off the charts.[/caption]   Every so often a band comes along that speaks to you; one that you hear play for the very first time and say, "Yes, this is IT." There are only a handful of bands like this for me and Buried at Sea is one of them.  Ever see the cover of Lord Mantis' Pervertor?  Few album covers really truly represent what is inside, and that one does.  And few bands' names represent what they play - and this four man collective makes you feel like you are being swallowed by relentless waves. Buried at Sea have long existed in the background of extreme music probably due to their minimal touring and recorded output.  But no band can take doom/sludge and make it move, really move. Some doom stands still - this moves forward, awash in distortion, background noise and huge riffs. Over the years, I've heard more bands try to pull this off. Make no mistake, those who doom know Buried at Sea.  And no one has even come close. No studio tricks can reproduce what they have done.  B.A.S have been dormant for years, coming out once to play the Double Door in Chicago in 2011 (I made the trip) and now on a west coast tour with Unearthly Trance - seems the slow/low has brought two bands back to life. Buried at Sea has two proper albums: Migration, which consists of 3 songs. And Ghost which is one song, about 30 minutes long.  They also have a demo, an appearance on the Eyehategod tribute disc, a 7" and appearance on a record label compilation. Here is the first song off of Migration, the heaviest album ever recorded. There is NO debate.  B.A.S. shift plates.   Here is a very rare live performance of Ghost - this is only the last part of the song. Prepare to pick up your jaw. Unfortunately, Migration is out of print but Ghost is still available. Do yourself a favor and check out the heaviest band to ever play.