Vincent Dizenzo - 530 Bench Press – Jim Wendler

Vincent Dizenzo - 530 Bench Press

  Coming back from a couple injuries and losing an enormous amount of weight, Vincent Dizenzo competed recently and bench pressed 530 pounds.  I am happy to call Vincent one of my best friends and when he asked me for my opinion on training, I am humbled.    If there were ever two people who could live next to each other and be OK with not talking for a year, it would be me and Vincent. We respect the other's privacy and unwillingness to socialize outside of our wives.  Build the Moat and They Will Not Come.

Fun Facts about Vincent

  • He can press 405.
  • He used the 5/3/1 program to bench 530.
  • He is strong  - he once competed in a contest with the press, trap bar deadlift and weighted chin-up; and he kicked ass.
  • He is a Special Education teacher.
  • When I first met Vincent, he was around 320 pounds.  He did this last meet at 242.  That's like 150 pounds, right?
  • He got really mad at me when we were playing UNO and I cheated.
  You can read about his experience and his road to 530 here. You can see his video here: