The Viking Challenge: Why Physical Challenges are Important –

The Viking Challenge: Why Physical Challenges are Important

I wrote an article for TNation yesterday detailing the Viking Day - I first mentioned awhile back on Instagram a couple months ago on a Q/A and in the article "Passing the Torch."  The Viking Day is just one of the ways that we, as a family, try to challenge ourselves physically.  We believe that reading/writing, a long with physical challenges, will help develop a better person.  He will be stronger, smarter and more well-rounded.  He can think clearly and critically.  He will learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. That is what we preach in our family and why we have dozens of challenges to help us become better spouses, better parents and better people. Training used to be about so much less.  It has always been a tool but what we are shaping is so much bigger.  It is our duty as parents to NEVER rely on the ignorance of the government, schools or public to help EDUCATE our children.  If you have kids, it is UP TO YOU to educate them.  To give them the tools to become great.  Kids are not something you have and boot out the door when they are 18.  You are always a parent. Always a teacher. Always a leader. Act accordingly. Read the article here.