Finishers - Don't be an Idiot –

Finishers - Don't be an Idiot

The cool thing about them is that they're fun and probably one of the few feats of mental and  physical strength that most of us will ever go through, especially  in the safe, comfortable lives that most of us lead. Think about it, it's not like we have to chase down our food or run for our lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the finisher has been sullied by hardgainers, fitness hipsters and other random skinny punks that put one in every damn workout and  can't figure out why they can only train two times a week when they're 15 years old.  So the problem is that people use NO COMMON SENSE when doing them.  People like to blame everyone else but themselves for their lack of training success - the truth is there stupidity is what pulls them down.  I'd like to say "ignorance" but with the internet and all available access, it's hard to argue. The role of the finisher in the weight room is one you have to be careful with; you can't use one every time you train or you'll burn out quicker than Ryan Leaf. I've done some really stupid shit, mostly involving squats. In college, I did  330lbs x 30 reps; I was supposed to do 3 sets of 10 reps with 330 and decided to just get the shit over with.  As a sophomore In high school, we had to do 1.5 times our bodyweight in the squat for as many reps as possible. Thankfully, depth wasn't crucially important, so I ended up cutting most  of the reps fairly high but ended up doing 255 for 44  reps. These days, most of my finishers are based around some hardcore conditioning: hills, Prowler, sled work, etc. Now I do these activities all the time, but it's how you do them that makes it a true finisher. Usually, I'll have some kind of stupid or crazy goal once a month involving the Prowler, hill (The Big Hill Specifically), weight vest, Air Dyne or sled. Now there is no rhyme or reason to the conditioning finisher.  There shouldn't be. There's no progression. There just IS. So if you're looking for guidance on what to  choose or how to choose, start looking inside your mind. Or  just get a sicker mind.  I usually think of some really crazy stuff when I'm walking  my dog or sitting on the phone at work, having a riveting  discussion about the complexities of band tension. I suggest    when ideas come to you, write them down and when the time is right  (this simply means, "whenever you feel like it") try the  out. But to sum up, for the most part, finishers are part crazy, part  fun, and all stupid. But these are some of the best and most  memorable feats of strength that we will ever go through. The problem with weak people (or unsuccessful people, really) is that  they're too scared to ever attempt a finisher in their training or their life. Whether or not you put this in your workout is usually based on how far out from a contest you are (don't use these things if  you're preparing for a meet or a show) or how crazy you want to get. Most of the time, the really, really good ones are done with a training partner who is just being a dick, or starts talking trash. But like Kenny Rogers once told me in a drunken stupor, you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold  'em. Giving into peer pressure as an adult is  pathetic. 5/3/1 Ebook 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon