Another Huge Piece of Crap –

Another Huge Piece of Crap

This is the kind of cherry picking science/interpretation we have come to expect in our industry.  This article once again details what a bunch of idiots people believe we are and how short-sighted we are when it comes to fitness/training.  This absolutely drives me crazy - worse than the morons trying to add 200 pounds to their bench in a year and lose 40 pounds of fat in 8 weeks. If you believe this, don't ever vote.  Please don't have kids. If you have kids, take one of those water balloon launchers and put your kid in it.  Point it at the nearest "good" neighborhood and fire away.  Let them have a chance. The article is titled, "Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s".  Morons. Read the giant turd right here.