Training: Templates, Sets and Reps – Jim Wendler

Training: Templates, Sets and Reps

[caption id="attachment_3589" align="alignnone" width="480"] Listen up![/caption]   People are always looking for absolutes with sets, reps and templates.  There are NONE. The only absolutes lie in the principles. When this becomes embedded in your brain, it allows you to fully realize what you are doing in your training.  I get countless questions that are posed as if they are Sophie's Choice.  Or like Highlander, to keep with the movie references.  "There is only ONE!"  Training is not like that - you can try stuff out and see what happens. And trust me, switching to incline from close grip bench press isn't going to be the big reveal in the training cosmos. Quit searching for the perfect template - there is none. Choose something that motivates you, interests you or gets your ass going.  Keep up with the mobility work. Keep jumping.  Do some conditioning with a purpose. Be strong on the big lifts, get great at relative strength - run, push, pull, bike for your heart.