Derrick Henry - Squats and Idiots –

Derrick Henry - Squats and Idiots

derrick-henry-090615-getty-ftrjpg_rdyvlucn46ytzbxewpt84mu7 For those of you that don't follow college football, the University of Alabama is a pretty damn good football team.  And they have been for quite awhile. They have a heavy reputation to uphold (a legacy that rivals any sporting institution in the country) and play in one of, if not the most competitive, conferences in college football (don't tell that to the Big10 sympathizers.)  Anyway, Derrick Henry is the running back for the Crimson Tide and a fucking beast. There is no other way to say it.  He is a big running back (6'3" 240 pounds (aka 25 pood)) that glides effortlessly through the defense; his balance, speed and power is a rare combination.  The kid is a tough player and unique. About two weeks ago there was a video posted of Henry squatting 500 pounds.  For those that didn't read the above paragraph, this was done in-season.  Which makes it pretty damn impressive.  So we have one of the most dominant running backs the SEC has seen in years, squatting 500 pounds during the season. Now of course, the idiots decided to open their giant cocksuckers and make fun of Derrick Henry's squat. Not so much of the form, although trust me, no generation of lifters has been such absolute shitheads when it comes to OTHER people's form.  But because it was only 500 pounds. Now for those of you that didn't read the first two paragraphs, Derrick Henry is a football player. How and what he squats is no one's concern.  In fact, it doesn't matter one fucking bit. The ONLY thing that matters is how well you perform on the field. That is it.  How much Henry squats is about as relevant as the test you took in 2nd grade. Now here is some perspective: Henry in his senior year of high school rushed for 4,261 yards and 55 touchdowns.  That was one goddamn year.  Not his high school career. I don't care what kind of competition he played against, that is insane.  I'm 100% positive that all these fat fucks that criticized Henry haven't run that far in their LIFE.  So if you criticized Henry's squat, for any reason, choke on balls. Because it doesn't matter. Your opinion doesn't matter.  You have no experience and no perspective. The fitness world is so funny - so many people seem to know what is best for everyone. The problem is that when your entire training goal is to get a good selfie, Instagram hero or to become a YouTube sensation, you lack any experience in the real training world.  And it's hard to get shit done when you got the top of your head up your ass and your lips kissing ass for more followers.