Big Results: Kicking Ass with 5/3/1 – Jim Wendler

Big Results: Kicking Ass with 5/3/1

32322_562875098294_912025978_n It's always great to hear people doing the program.  It's even better when people get stronger.  It is BEST when people change their life and understand the bigger picture.  Here is a post from my Facebook page from Anthony Bacarella.  After some "down'n'out" in life, he got the ship back on track. "Jim, I feel like it is my duty to give you my progress as the results due to your program speak for themselves. I started the program 3 years ago and have stayed true to it in a consistent manner. My squat went from 350 to 500.My deadlift went from 365 to 550. My bench 340 and my press from 135 to 210. I played college football and herniated the disc in between my c-4 c-5 which ended my career. I got depressed, fat and useless until my buddy turned me on to your program. I've utilized 531 and beyond 531 to then point where I feel like I did on the football field. As a fullback I appreciate it even more. My goal is to hit an elite total at my next powerlifting meet in April 2016. With this program it has become possible. Thank you brother. Keep kicking tail. Ant Bac -Fire Up" You can follow his training and his workouts here. You want to see what this sexy piece of meat looks like? Check out this video. Here is Anthony's bio from his website. It journey many people might relate with in principle. "My name is Anthony Bacarella. I have my bachelors in Business Administration from Nichols College and am 3 months away from my Masters in School counseling at the University of Fairfield. My life as an athlete and my struggles with weight started truthfully at 7 years old. I was in second grade and wanted to play football, the weight limit was 85 lbs and I was sitting at 120. My dad was heartbroken, because I would cry to him every night that I wanted to play. He decided to help, and that's when I started to buy in. I was placed on a diet and simply walked every morning and every night until I was 75 lbs, a lean mean 8 year old machine! When other kids were picking dandelions on the football field I was strapping my pads up with pride. I bought into hard work at a young age, there is no substitute for it. If you want something then do the work. I played college football at Nichols and injured my neck. I began trying to suppress my competitive nature through anything possible but there is nothing in the world that feels like putting someone on their back on the football field. Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 came along and I took my first step on the path to power lifting. This is now something I am truly passionate about. In life we should all strive to get better at everything we do. This is something where you can honestly look at the numbers and know whether you are working hard enough or lying to yourself." Congrats to Anthony for getting back on the horse and sticking his foot in the proverbial ass of weakness.  THIS is what I love to hear - people embracing more than just the numbers.  Although let's be's cool to see the increase.