Mason Darrow - Princeton Football Gameday Spotlight –

Mason Darrow - Princeton Football Gameday Spotlight

A couple weeks ago, College Football Gameday ran a feature on Mason Darrow.  Darrow is a Princeton football player and is gay.  As I watched the segment, the thing that stuck out the most was the point "It wasn't the fear of mean spirited comments that concerned him.  Quite the opposite.  Would his teammates being afraid of offending him.  And leave him out of the time-honored right of passage of getting ragged on in the locker room." Growing up in sports and locker rooms, I can assure you this is a real thing.  This is how we let others know that they belong. It's not hugs and nice words; it is constantly ripping one another, joking with each other and tearing into everyone.  This is how you know you belong. As stated, this is a rite of passage.  Now some people in the world see this as demeaning - they want it to stop as evidence by the outrage over the Miami Dolphins a few years back.  I am constantly amazed at how others want to change the culture of another group solely because THEIR ego, THEIR superiority complex and their need for everyone to be like them needs to be fed.  Locker room talk doesn't effect them at all yet they feel the need to change a culture they are not even part of. Some of my closest friends, Matt Rhodes (who I played football with at Arizona) and his good friend, Vincent Dizenzo and I still engage like this.  Jason Pegg and I are horrible to each other according to the Social Police.  But I love these three guys - true friends of mine.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Mason Darrow didn't choose to be gay and I can't imagine the stress of telling his teammates. But I can assure you that if his teammates didn't get on his case about him being gay, he would have been alone in that locker room.  There is a difference between hate and busting balls.  This has been understood by high school kids, in locker rooms, for decades.  Somehow this has been lost by those too busy to police the world than to mind their own goddamn business. So I propose this to everyone - in let's make 2016 the year of Mind Your Own Goddamn Business.  Take care of your own shit before you try to clean out the homes of others.  And please people, try to understand that YOUR fight isn't going to be everyone else's.  And that doesn't make them a racist, bigot, homophobe or whatever stupid label you want to apply to people who have problems of their own and don't bow to you.  And here's a free nugget of wisdom: not everyone agrees with your point. Grow up. Watch the GameDay video here.