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5/3/1 Recent Testimonials

From Ben, “This got me back to lifting heavy again. So thank you.”

From Armen, "Just had my PR on OHP, 135lb for 1. Started 5/3/1 9 weeks ago. I contribute that to 5/3/1 since I got stuck on 125lb for months. TM makes so much more sense compare to work around PRs. Thanks Jim."

From Colin, “531 program has got me lifting over 400lbs above my head. One of the most simple but effective training programs i have ever used!!”

From Michael, “I can't tell you enough Jim how great full I am to have found this program it has shattered a lot of plateaus for me. I have been doing this since sixteen and apparently doing wrong all along. 36 years old and still learning. Thanks for all the no nonsense approach and advise”

From Greg, “This program changed my life I went from crapping out at little kid weights to being able to finally start hitting bigger numbers in less then a year. Thank you for this program. Very simple and effective anyone can do it.”

From Mike, “Life changing program. No plans to change anything. Went from a 350 bench press to 435, and had a 585 pound squat before an unrelated knee injury happened. Changed my life. Went from a 350 pound lard ass to 290 pounds.”

From Eric, “It's a great program, every time I run a cycle of 5/3/1 I make gains. I used it to peak into my last meet and had the best meet of my life.”


531 2nd Edition


From David, “The first structured program I have been able to stick with. Most important to me was the direction on how to program the weight on the bar for each lift. At 56, I'm at or above my max lifts from 20-30 years ago. Admittedly, my maxes won't impress anybody in a hardcore gym, but I think I've got some more gains to make before Father Time catches on that I'm cheating him. Thanks!”

From Dwayne, “After eight years away from heavy lifting I used this program to regain all the strength I had in my early twenties.”

From Paul, “It WAS a secret weapon! Haha! Awesome program. Simple and straightforward and best of all...IT WORKS!” From Dave, “Agreed a great program. 6 months in to 5-3-1 and effectively the de-load week right now, was my unstructured workout last year. It bloody works simple as that!! From Karsten, “I love 531. Simple, short and very hard.”

From Dave, “An awesome, simple program that produces killer results.” From Kenn, “Best program I've used!!”

From Austin, “Been using it for about 2 years now. Went from a 385 max deadlift to 550. Closing in on 600”

From Brant, “5/3/1 is simple and hard to fuck up. Simple works and works good” From Chris, "When I started lifting my 1rm for deadlift was 315. Been using some variation of 5/3/1 for three years now and two weeks ago I pulled 375 for 12 reps (resetting each rep, no bounce and goes). The program simply works! On the three month challenge now!"