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I've known the author, Nick, for over 10 years now.  Not only does he like to shoot his meals and has passable taste in music, but he is a great strength coach. I've seen how his players respond and work for him. The difference between an average/good coach and a great one is usually communication. How does he get his athletes to believe in him and trust in his process? Is he able to get his message to an athlete without resorting to gimmicks or abandoning his principles?  NIck has this in spades. Now read up. - Jim Wendler '17

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4 Common "Boring But Big" Training Questions Cleary Answered

Question: I've being doing the 5/3/1 full body routine that has me squatting 3 times a week for a while now. Very enjoyable, makes you feel like a man! About to move onto Phase 2. I like the sound of the 3 month BBB challenge, what are your thoughts on including that BBB template with the full body routine? If thumbs up, you got any pointers/dos & don'ts?

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