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Three Prowler Workouts

The following three Prowler workouts can be done during the same training week. All sets are done on the vertical posts. The easy and medium workouts can be done between training days and after bench press or press workouts. The hard Prowler workout can be done after you squat and deadlift.

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A Letter to My Younger Self

Remember walking back from track practice amazed at your new speed? Remember looking up at the sky and thinking, "Making my body stronger made my body faster?" Don't worry, this secret is safe with us as few people seemed to have grasped it, "experts" included.

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The Overrated Pullthrough - (not as bad as the Overhead Squat)

When I was first introduced to pull throughs, I was incredibly  underwhelmed. To get any sort of effect, the reps had to be pushed very high and the weight was frustratingly limited due to the fact that you can't load the exercise with any more weight than you    can get into position with. But I did them anyway, because a lot of strong folks swore by them, and I assumed they must have some magical properties of some kind.

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It's Not in My Budget (or is Jesus the only one saving?)

I've noticed a trend on my Facialbook page and in the emails I get regarding equipment, including shoes and belts, racks and bar; it's that nothing is in anyone's budget. Luckily I've found a great way around such things: saving your money. Its different, I know but bear with me. Sometimes things are too expensive for us to afford RIGHT now.

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Struggling with the Bench Press

The popularity of the bench press needs no introduction – it’s the Prom King, captain of the football team and is banging the hottest cheerleader. Besides questions on accessory work, the bench press and how to increase it is the top question I get asked. But anytime I give advice to someone they respond with a host of reasons why it won’t work for them. So let’s present some of the best ways to increase your bench press, the excuses and then responses to the excuses.

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