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Help a Friend Get Stronger

It’s that time again and everyone you know is ready to make a change. More times than not, this means they want to get their ass in a gym and get in shape. Well, I have no idea what “in shape” means to everyone but 99% of people fail for the following reasons:

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Diet Queens, Squats and Fat Kids

Give your child some of the greatest gifts - the gift of physical fitness, athletics and healthy eating. By doing this you will eliminate most of the social bullshit and drama that many kids face. They will be emotionally and physically stronger, have better self-esteem, skin will be better, they will be confident for new challeges and carry themselves better.

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Effective Simplicity for the Busy Man

Although I love weightlifting, and it is a very important part of my life, I am also a busy person with many other interests outside the gym. 5/3/1 allows me to get in, get the work done and get out in a reasonable time, while still making excellent progress over the span of the year.

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Blood, Sweat and Football: A 5/3/1 Family

Note from Jim: I've gotten a lot of success stories over the years, great testimonials from all over the world.  Not one of them goes unappreciated; I am humbled by each one of them.  This time of year (and hell, every part of the year) my heart will always be in high school and college football. The following story hits very close to home AND showcases two athletes who will be playing for the University of Washington in the 2016 College Football Playoff.  We were contacted by Darren Bowman and over several emails learned how he and his two sons, Shane and Ryan, trained together and made amazing progress.  When I learned they are at UW, I immediately screamed "Dave...

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