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From Average to Athlete

Some of these standards may be easy; others may be hard. Don't be upset with the standards if you fail to make the grade. Standards should exist regardless of the social consequences. They don't exist to make you sad, unhappy, or a victim.

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Bigger, Stronger, Baseball

I've known the author, Nick, for over 10 years now.  Not only does he like to shoot his meals and has passable taste in music, but he is a great strength coach. I've seen how his players respond and work for him. The difference between an average/good coach and a great one is usually communication. How does he get his athletes to believe in him and trust in his process? Is he able to get his message to an athlete without resorting to gimmicks or abandoning his principles?  NIck has this in spades. Now read up. - Jim Wendler '17

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Three Prowler Workouts

The following three Prowler workouts can be done during the same training week. All sets are done on the vertical posts. The easy and medium workouts can be done between training days and after bench press or press workouts. The hard Prowler workout can be done after you squat and deadlift.

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Excerpt from 5/3/1 FOREVER: Bodyweight Assistance Work

The following is an excerpt from the new book, 5/3/1 Forever.  This book outlines how to program all areas of your training including assistance work. Yes, that's right; no more questions about assistance work. Everything is tied up, nice and tight AND allows for a lot of personal choices.  Each and every program detailed in the book has a specific assistance profile which allows you to plug in a variety of different movements; all customized to you.

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Struggling with the Bench Press

The popularity of the bench press needs no introduction – it’s the Prom King, captain of the football team and is banging the hottest cheerleader. Besides questions on accessory work, the bench press and how to increase it is the top question I get asked. But anytime I give advice to someone they respond with a host of reasons why it won’t work for them. So let’s present some of the best ways to increase your bench press, the excuses and then responses to the excuses.

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