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Chalk, Music and Plates - Building Your Home Gym

Building Your Home Gym Your home gym always depends on what you want to do in your training and what your goals are. But for simplicity sake, let's just say you want to be strong and awesome. This is by far the easiest thing you can train for, and probably the cheapest. Here's what you'll need.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Press

Ever since I started pressing, I have been obsessed with making it better. Partly because I was so weak at it for so long (which meant that it had no place to go but up) and because it is simply a cool exercise to do. The death of the Press as a movement can be attributed to a lot of things, none of which actually matter. BUT, if you view this lift with as much enthusiasm as I do, use these tips to improve what I consider to be one of the most fun movements in the gym.

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Blood, Sweat and Football: A 5/3/1 Family

Note from Jim: I've gotten a lot of success stories over the years, great testimonials from all over the world.  Not one of them goes unappreciated; I am humbled by each one of them.  This time of year (and hell, every part of the year) my heart will always be in high school and college football. The following story hits very close to home AND showcases two athletes who will be playing for the University of Washington in the 2016 College Football Playoff.  We were contacted by Darren Bowman and over several emails learned how he and his two sons, Shane and Ryan, trained together and made amazing progress.  When I learned they are at UW, I immediately screamed "Dave...

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Building the Monolith - 5/3/1 for Size

6 Week Training Template for size: So this template is not easy but it is very doable – but only if you are dedicated to making it happen. “Dedicated” doesn’t just mean that you want to do it; it means you are dedicated to doing what it takes to get it done and that means EATING right. I had 4 people run this and all of them ate like champions – all ate at least..

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5/3/1 and Football

In June, we ran a combine and every player that had been lifting consistently showed huge improvements, 20%+ gains in their totals. We were also faster (40), more explosive (broad jump and shuttle) and the kids just carried themselves differently. We no longer looked like a young team, we looked like a Varsity team...Coaches told us we were the most physical team they played.

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