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Instagram Training Q/A

A few weeks ago, I did a Q/A on Instagram. Keep in mind that I asked that the questions be short/answers short - like most people I find typing on a phone ridiculous and impossible to write 16 week training cycles.  So I tried to be as precise with my answers as possible while not being so damn boring.

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5/3/1 Forever: Excerpt about recovery

The following is a portion of the new book, 5/3/1 Forever.  The book is extensive and covers how to PROGRAM your training for long term results.  Besides the actual weight training, conditioning, jumps/throws, mobility, conditioning and recovery are discussed.  This has been years in the making with a lot of successes and a lot of failures.  The goal of the book is to give you the tools to help plan and periodize your training, whatever your goals may be.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Press

Ever since I started pressing, I have been obsessed with making it better. Partly because I was so weak at it for so long (which meant that it had no place to go but up) and because it is simply a cool exercise to do. The death of the Press as a movement can be attributed to a lot of things, none of which actually matter. BUT, if you view this lift with as much enthusiasm as I do, use these tips to improve what I consider to be one of the most fun movements in the gym.

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Pressing the Bar Overhead Kicks Ass

I needed to rely on my gut and my experience, and certainly not any trends. I had to start by being brutally honest with myself and realize that I was plain weak. Weak everywhere. Everything needed to get stronger. Weak Point Training, while good in theory, suggests that you have "strong points." I'm sorry, but few people with such glaring holes can really classify themselves as strong, period. So I resolved to make everything strong.

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