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The Great Rack Pull Myth

This is a classic case of an idea that works beautifully in theory but, at least in many cases, fails to pay off in the real world. The theory behind rack pulls is that they allow you to use more weight than you normally can handle in conventional deadlifts, which helps target  certain sticking points, namely the lockout position—a real sore spot for many lifters. Sounds good, huh?

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Bodybuilding, Being Independent and the Importance of Training Partners

Are you saying you don't need to get slapped in the face before every set? Listen, this is what I learned. When I was at the University of Arizona and Rob Waldrop, who was the Outland Trophy Winner (awarded to the best college football interior lineman), was squatting. This guy was insanely strong. That day he was squatting in the mid-600's for 7 or 8 reps, and he was just getting under the bar when some kid yells, "C'mon Rob, lets go man!" Rob just stopped...

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Quick Interview with Jim Wendler: Beginner Mistakes, Individualization, and Your Path

What is the worst thing you see people doing? Keep it fitness related. Novice lifters listening to novice lifters on message boards – it’s like two Navy recruits running a nuclear submarine.  Nothing good can happen.

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Deadlifts - How to Tug like a Pro

The following is an excerpt from the Jim Wendler Forum - it is in response to a question from a forum member that wanted to increase his deadlift.  It wasn't a specific question; more it was any suggestions that any of us had regarding the deadlift and how to increase it.  Additionally, he also had a question regarding being weak at the bottom of the movement.

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