5/3/1 Make History Shirt
5/3/1 Make History Shirt - JimWendler.com
5/3/1 Make History Shirt - JimWendler.com

5/3/1 Make History Shirt

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Football has given me more than I have given it; all the years, the training and the abuse compares nothing to the joy, lessons and camaraderie that football has given me. Sadly we live in a time where politicians are trying to tell the Generals how to fight the war; people outside our sport/culture think they know what is best, despite never have competed in football, or any sport, or really any activity that doesn't require a pacifier and their mother's wiping their ass.

Keep high school football safe from the idiots; we have already lost professional football and college football to obese pundits and outrageous money.  High school football can still be ours! Let us welcome those that want to help, participate and build this amazing sport.  You jackals beware; keep your noses out of our sport.

  • Slightly heathered gray with black 5/3/1 helmet on front; quote on back
  • Light weight 4.3 ounce material
  • 60/40 cotton/poly blend
  • Tagless for comfort
  • Soft, vintage feel
  • Fitted around arms
  • Comfortable, loose fit through middle