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5/3/1 Roman Numeral Shirt
5/3/1 Roman Numeral Shirt

5/3/1 Roman Numeral Shirt

$ 22.00

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." - H.L. Mencken

I'm not asking people to become fashion snobs or label-checkers. But please, take some pride in how you dress; don't go out in your pajamas or try to pretend that comfort and style are mutually exclusive. Dress simple, dress smart.

  • Comes in black with white print
  • Roman Numerals on front N.O.V. logo on back trap
  • Printed on N.O.V. signature black T
  • Light weight, soft and flexible without quitting around the neckline
  • Form fitting (not tight) through sleeve and chest, comfortable through the middle

This is one of many black T's to be printed on this new style of shirt.  I've been wearing and washing them for 6 months now and I'm willing to put my name on them. - Jim Wendler

5/3/1 Roman Numeral Hoodie

Original Roman Numeral Shirt Design- On Sale.  Last Call.

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