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Discipline Over Motivation Banner

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Discipline Over Motivation

Discipline always trumps motivation. Motivation is about emotion and too many times, we rely on emotion to raise our performance. Unfortunately, this can quickly wear you down and if you aren't motivated, lead to lackluster or missed training sessions.

Discipline doesn't care how you feel, what the weather is or if you've had a bad day. Discipline will carry the strong. Discipline will drive success. Discipline doesn't need a "hype" video or loud music.

  • Banners are made of high quality 15oz premium Scrim Matte and Glossy vinyl.
  • We cannot guarantee holiday or birthday orders on short notice.
  • Banners are made to order. Shipping will take 1-2 weeks.
  • Banners ship separately in the Continental 48. They will not hold up other items in your order and we'll cover the additional shipping costs. If you order for example, 1 shirt and 1 banner -when your shirt is delivered it may say (2) items delivered. Don't worry! They just shared the same order number. Your banner is still on it's way!


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