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Krypteia Battle Shirts -
Krypteia Battle Shirts -

Krypteia Battle Shirts

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The Krypteia program took about two years to fully realize; the initial program looks nothing like how it now appears. Along the way there were misfires, screw-ups and a lot of frustration. Once the meat of the program had been sorted out, I took out the proverbial knife and eliminated anything that wasn't essential.  What was left was 7 movements done in a precise fashion that has yielded the best program for young athletes to help build incredible size, strength, stamina and power. 

The Krypteia program is an extension of the 5/3/1 program; so it roots are based in logic, common sense and hard work. This program is not for everyone; but those that can do it and commit to it will be in for a surprise. 

  • Comes in black with either red or military green print
  • Small 5/3/1 tucked into each design
  • Light weight, soft and flexible without quitting around the neckline
  • Form fitting (not tight) through sleeve and chest, comfortable through the middle
  • Measurements taken seam-to-seam with garment lying on flat surface and after multiple washes for accuracy.  Sizing is same as Roman, Discipline over Motivation and N.O.V. Tribe Shirts.