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N.O.V. American Tribe

N.O.V. American Tribe

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The N.O.V. American Tribe shirt celebrates the ideals that help found the United States; personal liberty, separation of Church and State, the pursuit of happiness and a small, unintrusive federal government.  Along the way, we have lost much of this but it's not too late to take these ideas back.  You may not like our government but you should love the ideas of our country.  When you wear the N.O.V. brand, you let people know that you are your own leader, take personal responsibility and don't need to police others or live in a nanny state.
N.O.V. for all.
  • Comes in black with red, white and blue flag print N.O.V. Eagle on front
  • Printed on N.O.V. signature black T
  • Light weight, soft and flexible without quitting around the neckline
  • Fitted (not tight) through sleeve and chest, comfortable, loose fit through the middle
  • Measurements taken seam-to-seam with garment lying on flat surface and after multiple washes for accuracy.