N.O.V. Tribe Shirt – Jim Wendler
N.O.V. Tribe Shirt
N.O.V. Tribe Shirt
N.O.V. Tribe Shirt

N.O.V. Tribe Shirt

$ 14.00
No matter how independent and free thinking we are, inherently people form groups.  From band to militia to the self-professed outcasts like goths and punks, the tribe wears a certain color. There is an identity in what we do and the things in which we find passion. 
Living North Of Vag and the 5/3/1 training program are based on principles and now the good people that mind their own business can still be identified. 
The Tribe Shirt will forever be sold at a low "Thank You" price for all 5/3/1 and N.O.V. supporters.  N.O.V. for all.
  • Comes in black with light grey N.O.V. Eagle on front, no print on back
  • Printed on N.O.V. signature black T
  • Light weight, soft and flexible without quitting around the neckline
  • Form fitting (not tight) through sleeve and chest, comfortable through the middle
"This is the second of many black T's to be printed on this new style of shirt. I've been wearing and washing them for six months and I'm willing to put my name on them." - Jim Wendler