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NOV Chosen Few Shirt -
NOV Chosen Few Shirt -

NOV Chosen Few Shirt

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Inspired by the Roman Legion and Electric Wizard, this shirt is both soft and strong.  Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Strong in message - we are the Chosen Few.  Raise expectations from yourself and others.

  • Dark gray shirt with black writing.
  • N.O.V Legion Eagle on front.
  • "The Chosen Few" printed on back.
  • Shirt is super soft, vintage feel.
  • Snug fit around arms and neck.
  • Comfortable fit through middle.

One of the most comfortable shirts I've ever owned. I highly recommend them to anyone who values comfort in their clothing. I wrote this in the strength section of the forum because It complements my beard and makes me feel strong. - Brady Bogenreif, Bearded Cook, Forum Member

Shirt has a great fit, light, form fitting and soft. Definitely something you can wear out and not feel like a serial killer. My wife appreciates the fact that my wardrobe now consists of more than black t-shirts with white lettering. Wish I was kidding. - Casey Rusbridge, N.O.V. Filthy Few

My wife got me 4 new Wendler Tee's for Father's Day recently & they are ace!!! Design, fit and shape are stellar, Thanks Mate!!! - Joel I. Husband, Father, Lifter for the love of lifting