Stretch Lift Sprint Shirt
Stretch Lift Sprint Shirt

Stretch Lift Sprint Shirt

$ 20.00

Excerpt from Time To Man Up post

Training wise, I recommend this:

  • Stretch 
  • Lift
  • Sprint 

Do the above all the time – no bulking, no cutting, no bullshit. Just train to be physically better. Don’t be that guy that takes shirtless photos of himself so other men can drool on them. That shit is a disgrace to every man that has done anything awesome in his life – while they were busy “doing”, these shirtless ‘tards were busy trying to look the part. Get off the bench and get on the field.

  • Comes in light grey with black print
  • Stretch Lift Sprint design on front, 531 on left sleeve
  • Light weight, soft and flexible without quitting around the neckline
  • Form fitting (not tight) through sleeve and chest, loose through the middle
  • Tagless for comfort