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Don't Mess With Texas

Although Law Enforcement Officers have more incentive to be in great shape/be strong, all of us, regardless of who you are/what you do, have no excuse to be weak and out of shape.  One thing I tell the kids I'm coaching is that it takes no talent to have great manners, have a winning attitude and be in awesome shape. Yes, some people will be genetically stronger or be able to run faster/longer.  But you can always be a better version of yourself. And not just "a little better".

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Building Strong Kids - A 5/3/1 Testimonial

Your program is great but honestly, your message is WAY better than any grouping of sets/reps. There are a lot of Scheme Geniuses on HS sidelines these days. But the great coaches are those leaders who understand there is a hell of a lot more to the game than scheme. And at 43 years of age, I have learned that life is the EXACT same way.

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Make the Playoffs

A couple weekends ago, I presented at the elitefts Sports Performance Summit.  I highlighted my work with the ass kicking kids at London High School, who deserve all the credit. Sometimes coaches take way too much credit for wins that they didn't take one snap for.  Sorry but if you didn't snap up the helmet and didn't rob another man of his self-worth on the field, you didn't do as much as you think. Still, I was proud to talk about the team's effort to turn the program around.  Their discipline, belief and attitude helped create a totally different expectation and culture at L.H.S. Here are some videos that elitefts has graciously made ready for the public.  As an added...

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