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A Letter to My Younger Self

Remember walking back from track practice amazed at your new speed? Remember looking up at the sky and thinking, "Making my body stronger made my body faster?" Don't worry, this secret is safe with us as few people seemed to have grasped it, "experts" included.

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Excerpt from 5/3/1 FOREVER: Bodyweight Assistance Work

The following is an excerpt from the new book, 5/3/1 Forever.  This book outlines how to program all areas of your training including assistance work. Yes, that's right; no more questions about assistance work. Everything is tied up, nice and tight AND allows for a lot of personal choices.  Each and every program detailed in the book has a specific assistance profile which allows you to plug in a variety of different movements; all customized to you.

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Where's my stuff?!

"I already received a notice that my package has shipped.  But I don't see any movement.  What's the deal?" You did receive a shipment confirmation with your tracking number.  We printed shipping labels as part of processing your order AND we are using your shipping label to reserve your place in the "shipping line"- buy earlier - get earlier.  You have a valid tracking number.  It will just remain dormant until your package is on the way.  

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The Overrated Pullthrough - (not as bad as the Overhead Squat)

When I was first introduced to pull throughs, I was incredibly  underwhelmed. To get any sort of effect, the reps had to be pushed very high and the weight was frustratingly limited due to the fact that you can't load the exercise with any more weight than you    can get into position with. But I did them anyway, because a lot of strong folks swore by them, and I assumed they must have some magical properties of some kind.

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Krypteia Review

The Krypteia program has been used by all the HS/College athletes I work with AND various members of the private forum.  Here is a review of this program by forum member Josh.  This was done in two parts and over time; I will publish both in this blog post. Context If you don't have the time to read this here's the basic synopsis: Awesome program for anyone who is physically able to complete it. It's the closest I've come to a workout that actually balances conditioning and strength and doesn't leave you feeling wasted. This review covers Part 1 of Krypteia. I've been using 5/3/1 since 2011. I've used it while gaining strength or size, while losing weight or improving...

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