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Bodybuilding, Being Independent and the Importance of Training Partners

Are you saying you don't need to get slapped in the face before every set? Listen, this is what I learned. When I was at the University of Arizona and Rob Waldrop, who was the Outland Trophy Winner (awarded to the best college football interior lineman), was squatting. This guy was insanely strong. That day he was squatting in the mid-600's for 7 or 8 reps, and he was just getting under the bar when some kid yells, "C'mon Rob, lets go man!" Rob just stopped...

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Total Responsibility = Strong, Pro-Active Men

Just wanted to thank you for the awesome program and share my progress.I am an illustrator and currently work as a concept artist at a computer game studio so I spend most of my time at a desk.  I started weight training 1 year ago.  I did a 5x5 program with a trainer for 6 months then I had to move countries; that is where 5/3/1 comes in.

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