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The Walk-On

College football has started and while the superstars get all the glory and press, there are a group of players that have to struggle to not just get on the field, but to earn the respect of others and prove to themselves that they have what it takes to play the game.  These are the walk-on football players; hidden from the media but still a large part of the success of any football team.  Here is my story.

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5/3/1 for Beginners

Now if you're a beginner and are working out without any guidance whatsoever, it's probably best to just stick with the basic program. One of the worst things a young lifter can do is take advice from other beginners on message boards –  they usually have all the advice and none of the experience.

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Question and Answer - Instagram

This is the first half of the Instagram Q/A that I put up recently.  Some of the questions were answered on the Table Talk that Dave Tate and I did. The ones we didn't get to, I answered them below.

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