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Doing it Right the First Time

I just had a question regarding missing reps.  I've done about 5 cycles of 531 now and love it.  Some odd days I might mess my final set up by having a bad starting position or something small.  I usually end up repeating the final set again properly, not sure if this is wise.  In the future, if I miss the # of required reps should I: (a) punch a hole in the gym wall, rip my hair out and worry about it for the next 4 weeks  (b) suck it up and do it again  (c) forget about it and continue to assistance work  (d) kill myself

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Athletes, Cleans and Baseball

Athletes are not made of glass and you aren’t either.  You can train your body in a full range of motion and train heavy (relative to your strength level).  If these things didn’t work then steroids wouldn’t have made such a difference in baseball.  The same people who whine about steroids are usually the first on the stability ball.  Doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Conditioning Queens vs. Kings

After many years of running myself into the ground in high school, it wasn't until college that I realized how to properly condition. There is a trend amongst the natives that when you do conditioning, whether it be running, Prowler sprints/pushes, hills, circuits or whatever your poison YOU MUST STOP JUST SHY OF DEATH. This is the manly thing to do, right? No pain, no gain! No brain, all pain! (And subpar results!) You don't have to go all out - you don't have to fall to the ground, gasping for breath. It makes a good picture or YouTube video but what type of person trains for the camera?

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