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Behind the Shield Podcast

I have been doing a lot of podcasts recently; or at least more than I'm used to.  Am I that interesting or do I just blow a lot of hot air?  Probably a bit from Column A and a bit from Column B.  The latest podcast to be uploaded is from Behind the Shield. As usual, there are a lot of things discussed, a lot of tangents and some quality information.

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The Truth on Genetics and Athletes

In athletics, genetics is often used as a reason for success and failure. It is a term that is used primarily as physical modifier; he who has the body and athletic ability to play his sport has great genetics.  However, sports is filled with many people who are insanely successful despite not having the traditional physical attributes associated with his sport.

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Instinctive Training

In theory, I think "instinctive training" does hold water. But in practice, for most people it's probably counterproductive. This doesn't mean you can't adjust your training day to day a little bit — to account for feeling better (going for more reps on a final set) or feeling worse (just doing the required workout and leaving). But to rely entirely on your instinct requires two things:

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Rugged Meats

It's hard to write anything about beef jerky, meat sticks or anything similar without massive sexual overtones.  So let's get all get a laugh at "meat stick" and move on.

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