Chalk, Music and Plates - Building Your Home Gym –

Chalk, Music and Plates - Building Your Home Gym

Chalk, Music and Plates - Building Your Home Gym Your home gym always depends on what you want to do in your training  and what your goals are. But for simplicity sake, let's just say you want to be strong and awesome. This is by far the easiest thing you can train for, and probably the cheapest. Here's  what you'll need. Power rack – This will allow you to squat and bench safely. Make sure you get a dumbbell bench or adjustable incline    bench to go in there. Get a chin bar and dip bars (detachable) on  the rack. I'm always partial to EFS' stuff mostly because I've trained on it for a decade and it's always survived the beatings. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to people looking to cut corners on cost and then having to buy another rack. Buy nice, don't buy twice! Texas power bar – Don't get a cheap bar. The Texas Power Bar is BY FAR the best all-around lifting bar there is. If I'm going to put a bar on my back, over my face, or    over my head I want to be sure that it is built to last. This is  NOT something I'd skimp on. Platform – I'm assuming that you'll be doing deadlifts and cleans so this is a no brainer. And it's cheap too. Build a 6x8 platform using 2x12's and plywood. I    did it and I have a public education and drank most of my brain cells away. I also put a 6x8 piece of carpet on there so my feet don't slip. This thing is bomb proof and a great way to have a  dedicated area for deadlifts and cleans. Weights – This is where you get killed so look around for gyms that are going out of business or go to a used sporting goods store. Also, check classified ads like Craigslist    (not the personal ads, for a change) and any other resource you can    find. You can always find good used stuff if you're patient  and know where to look. Mats – This isn't necessary but most people cover their floor with some kind of matting. I'd really look at places that sell horse mat stalls as they're infinitely    cheaper than gym flooring and are the same thing. I got mine at  Tractor Supply. Specialty bars – This isn't necessary but you may want to look into something like a Texas Squat Bar, Texas DL  Bar, Safety Squat Bar, or a log. Chalk – The reason you want a home gym, right? Cheap but loud radio – This will get covered in chalk so don't invest too much. Space heater – This is a must for cold weather states if you train in a garage. Hearty Canadians can skip this, or    use the cash for a chalk stand shaped like the Stanley  Cup. Adjustable dumbbells – I like the ones from Ironmind or you can simply build your own. They're easy to  make and assemble. Look around the Internet for more information. Sled or Prowler – Again, this isn't necessary  but I love the Prowler for conditioning. Bands – A great substitute for a pulley system. You can do rows, pulldowns, face pulls, and triceps pushdowns with    them. I recommend getting some light and average bands for  this. A home gym is a GREAT investment if you're committed to the    basics of training. My last piece of advice is to rid your space of    anything that isn't training related. Make that your home. You don't study where you sleep and you shouldn't train where  your kids play video games. TNation - Blood/Chalk Volume 10