The Overrated Pullthrough - (not as bad as the Overhead Squat) –

The Overrated Pullthrough - (not as bad as the Overhead Squat)

The Overrated Pullthrough - (not as bad as the Overhead Squat) All right, here's the deal. If you're going to do pull  throughs, you best stop wasting your time and start doing  kettlebell or dumbbell swings. They not only offer a greater range  of motion than pull throughs, they're also a total body movement with some hip pop at the top. When I was first introduced to pull throughs, I was incredibly  underwhelmed. To get any sort of effect, the reps had to be pushed  very high and the weight was frustratingly limited due to the fact    that you can't load the exercise with any more weight than you    can get into position with. But I did them anyway, because a lot of    strong folks swore by them, and I assumed they must have some    magical properties of some kind. Looking back now, I should've just stuck with the staples:  good mornings, glute ham raises, reverse hyperextensions, back    raises, and straight leg deadlifts. The kettlebell and dumbbell swing are very good alternatives, though. Not only do you get low back, hamstring, and glute  work, but your traps get some healthy stimulation as well. The big problem that I see when people do them is they don't do enough good quality reps; their upper backs  aren't strong enough to stabilize the downward swing of the    weight and they use way too much upper body English. Sure, I've tried dragging the sled like a pull through for GPP. Not my cup of piss. Sorry friend, but I don't jerk around  when it comes to sled work. I believe a sled was designed to be    loaded with as much weight as you can handle and pushed or dragged    until you vomit all over your favorite shoes. Doing a pull through  with a sled is like feeding animal crackers to a tiger shark    —  pointless. 5/3/1 Ebook 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon TNation Blood and Chalk