You Can Out Train Your Diet – Jim Wendler

You Can Out Train Your Diet

You Can Out Train Your Diet

It's not a popular sentiment to say this, but you can out train your diet.  People have done it for thousands of years and people do it today. I have seen hundreds of people do it.  Just not popular to say that if you are selling a nutrition program, idea or fitness lifestyle. The problem is that most can't train that hard.  The time, dedication and work ethic are things most people don't have.  They have jobs and other hobbies/parts of their life that are more important than training.  There is no shame in that - you can still be very successful (insanely) and not dedictate EVERY moment of your life to training.  But you can out train your diet. There are two things you CAN'T out train - your past and your age.  If you grow up fat and never learned how to eat correctly, you can't out train that without a proper diet.  This is a good reason to teach your children GOOD (not great, good) eating habits at a young age.  They won't have to suffer from a life time of self-esteem issues, relationship issues, a hampered social life in high school and really, being an all-around drama king/queen about their fucking body.  If you are 18 years old and you don't know what healthy foods are and what they aren't, your parents have failed you. Age is another thing that is impossible to out train without a healthy diet.  Eating like shit will catch up to you eventually - either in the waist or in the doctor's office.  Not to mention joint pain, stomach problems, reflux, etc. At a certain point, you should eat like a grown up. Yes there are exceptions to these rules, but using them to prove your point only proves the biggest one of all. • Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here5/3/1 Hard Copy on AmazonTNation Blood and Chalk